Seize The Moment

Marcos and I met before college, many years ago, I am already an old woman! Sometimes I see pictures of us from school and I think “Oh my! Look at how much hair Marcos has!” I hated him at first, I don’t know why, but I hated him and spoke ill of him to all […]

Cartagena, Colombia

Carlos took care of his mother. Some weeks ago, she broke several bones because of falling from a second floor. As usual, he looked for the best way to help her and, undoubtedly, dedicated himself to looking after her. Nevertheless, after the accident, looking after her mother increasingly required him more hours, that despite of […]

Active listening

Active Listening Tecniques:   Rogers and Farson defined three ways of active listening • Find the real meaning of what you hear. Try to understand both the words and the emotions behind them. • Respond to feelings, not to what the other person “says”. Often the real message is the emotion and not the words […]