Everyone Has a Story

We work so that everyone, regardless of their origin or gender, have someone to talk to and have a conversation with.

We use two chairs, we place them in the city center and we write down on a whiteboard: Free Conversations 


We are participating in UNESCO World Higher Education Conference to show the world about The Free Conversations Movemement.

100 people giving Free Conversations

100 students will be bringing the art of conversation to Barcelona. We expect the people from Barcelona to Participate.

Interview on laSexta

We made it to La sexta! one of the most important TV channels in Spain!

Where to find us

Barcelona / Spain

Tokyo / Japan

Cape Town / South Africa

Guadalajara / Mexico

Paris / France

Quito / Equador

Valencia / Spain

La Romana / Dominican Republic

Mexico City / Mexico

Machala / Ecuador

Santiago / Chile

Maldonado / Uruguay

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